Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Taxi!

Dear Taxi! readers and all readers who may not yet have read Taxi!

It's 2013. We are still working to bring Taxi! back to the people of Vancouver and beyond.

This Taxi! fan just won the First Novel Award for her novel Malarky and was proud to acknowledge the importance of the continuum of literature and tell the audience about Taxi! and acknowledge the writers: Helen Potrebenko, Renee Rodin and Judith Copithorne for their influence and importance to my work and life as a reader. Helen was vital in helping me complete Malarky and I would like to publicly thank her for her supreme generousity and also consistent gardening advice.

We will be planning more Taxi! interventions.

Last night at the fundraiser for CWILA I was most excited to meet a scholar Li Wei from China who had written about Taxi! in China and who knew about the importance of this novel. We also sold 4 copies of Taxi! and that means 4 new Taxi! readers.

It takes a nation to bring this book back to the kitchen table, please continue to support this quest.

If you are a teacher or a book club or even a generous patron who wishes to sponsor the purchase of this important Vancouver novel for distribution into communities (libraries, schools) please contact me at

Helen's other novel Sometimes They Sang is now back in print thanks to Publication Studio Vancouver you may purchase it here: 

Sincerely, Anakana Schofield.