Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taxi! 2010

There will be an event at VPL in 2010 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Taxi! More details to follow.

Watch this space for details.

Friday, October 16, 2009

French Taxi

Due to unprecented interest from French Taxi readers, a translation of Taxi! Buried Treasure article has now been uploaded here.

Corrections and improvements welcome! Would Shannon become Simone or Sylvie?

Joe le taxi to follow.

Taxi tunes

A recently submitted list of music being listened to in the taxi of Taxi! revivalism.

Billie Holiday
Billy Bragg
Bob Dylan
Dixie Chicks
Dolly Parton
Ella Fitzgerald
Hazel and Alice
Joan Baez
K.D. Lang
Leonard Cohen
Mildred Bailey
The New Seekers
Nina Simone
Paul Robeson
Pete Seeger
Rita Coolidge
Rita McNeil
Roy Forbes
Stan Rogers

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Breaking news! Taxi! Author Gets Gold!

Major buzz for Taxi readers! Author of Taxi Helen Potrebenko wins gold in slo-pitch softball final of womens 62 + BC Seniors Olympics. Taxi! readers proud and delighted for women with bats. Team pic to follow.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Readerly pose encore: page turning feet

Even more so, this alert, post softball playing active reader feet mirror something of the turning of the page in their particular arrangement captured here.

Feet in readerly poses

This is the first set of Taxi! feet captured while actively reading Taxi! There is a pensive engaged quality to these feet.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Painterly male Taxi! feet

This Taxi! reader's feet scale the heights of Vancouver daily. They may be tired but they're Sistine Chapel painting looking feet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hands across the border Taxi! feet

These feet are truly borderless feet. They trotted originally from Iraq. They have reached Taxi! from New Hampshire. Poetically inclined, not afraid of a hike to discover a book feet.

Grumpers most welcome: impossibly stubborn Taxi! feet

Taxi! readers are certainly grumpy. Regularly grumpy. We celebrate grumpiness. Some are practising contrarians. We have one reader grumpy enough to refuse to provide his foot. We salute his resistance. Respect is due. Thus because literary revolutions like decent baking aren't easily achieved: we must borrow a votive set for him.

Vancouver male Taxi! reader bucket feet

This Vancouver reader had his hands full when he seized the opportunity to embrace a copy of Taxi! Taxi! readers don't hang about, they rush off to get revved. They have very good jokes. Sometimes.

Vancouver male malheureusement foot

This Taxi! reader found Taxi! at a time he has an opportunity, to digest it.

Vancouver mapping Taxi!

Taxi! readers let's map some of the locations mentioned in Taxi! in the present day. (and past if you've snaps from 75)

Bring your camera out in the street. Snaps needed. List will be gradually compiled and uploaded. Google maps what about ya?

If you don't live in Vancouver, you too can be involved in mapping. Just find a similiar/invented/inappropriate location and or non mapping related image whereever you are and submit your snaps to

Globe and Mail embraces Taxi!

What a co-incidence the good auld medja waking up to Taxi! greatness right on time, on target! Would you credit it?!

Buried Treasures

Reader, hail that cab!

Helen Potrebenko is a cherished Vancouver writer. Her '70s novel of a woman taxi driver in that city is funny, confrontational and brilliantly proletarian

Read the whole article here

Rare! Male stripy Taxi! foot floating above Vancouver street

A rarity! The male foot is outnumbered in the gallery. Come on lads. Come on Vancouver readers. Edmonton is dwarfing us. Note the convenient air holes this Taxi! reader's shoe contains. His feet will be still and ventilated as he's immersed in Taxi!

Taxi! reader... toes bloom

This reader noted the improved blooming quality to her feet as she reads Taxi!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well designed, trustworthy Taxi! reader feet

This Taxi! reader's well designed and trustworthy feet are reliable as they navigate the streets in the home of the Toonerville Trolley.
She's listening to 'my "melancholy woman"compilation of favourite laments and complaints. Perfect for a blistering Saturday', as she reads Taxi!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Working feet

This Taxi! reader sent her feet with the caption "These proletariat feet are reading Taxi! on unpaid, far too short breaks."

Golden BC the evidence II leaning feet

Golden BC Taxi reader says "this reader leaning against a car to support her while she reads Taxi!"

Golden BC Taxi readers the evidence is in...

Clearly this reader's feet will grow once she's read Taxi! She's aiming for 14.5. A lovely set of languishing, balletic feet. Taxi! readers have extraordinary toes after reading, it's official.

Edmonton Taxi reader feet rose skyward

Edmonton reader reported her feet, and shoes raised themselves towards heaven in exhaltation as she reads Taxi!

Breaking news: 2 Taxi! readers from Golden, BC

Exciting milestone. As of 5.44pm July 24th There are now 2 readers who hail from Golden, BC reading Taxi! Shoe size 14.5 pic to follow.

To discover Golden, BC visit

Note the swimming pool in Golden is now open. Amazing power of Taxi! readers.

Taxi readers with places to go

This Taxi! reader reported after reading he had more places to go, with these shoes on, so he polished them.
Send us snaps of your feet or footwear and caption if you're reading Taxi! (along with a snap of your copy of Taxi!) to
Ditto we need snaps of Vancouver locations in the novel. Send 'em in.

Productive Taxi reader footwear

Productive looking Taxi! footwear rumoured to be harvesting a garden in Burnaby, BC. inbetween enjoying chapters of Taxi!

Ottawa Morning Taxi reader's feet...

The above glorious set sent from a reader in Ottawa with the caption

"This beach reader's Havaiana tan lines are showing... "

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The feet of Taxi readers

Here are some of the feet that have read or are reading Taxi! When you read Taxi! You too can submit your footwear or toes to our gallery....

How can I read Taxi

You can read Taxi! by visiting and buying one of the few remaining copies. 10 bucks plus shipping. Hurry!

This is Taxi

Have you read it yet?